Explore NFT Technology

Learn the Technology and Concepts behind NFT Marketplace

All about White Label NFT Marketplace

Check the most commonly asked questing and the answers about the White Label NFT Marketplace

Common use cases of NFT

Let’s ask ChatGPT about the most common use cases of NFT and how the market is using them.

All about NFT Gating

NFT Gating is the tool/technique that adds power to the creator in dealing with NFT Assets. Learn more about NFT Gating and it’s pros and cons.

All about ERC 721

ERC721 is a standard for representing non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Learn more about ERC 721 from ChatGPT

ERC20 vs ERC721

Let’s ask ChatGPT about the ERC 20 and ERC 721 smart contract standards and learn them in detail.

All about ERC 1155

ERC-1155 allows for multiple tokens to be bundled within a single smart contract and reduces the number of transactions.

Learn about NFT Mining

NFT Minting and NFT Metadata are the key concepts in the NFT Marketplace Development

NFT Storage Solution

NFT data is stored & accessed from the decentralized IPFS network. Learn more about IPFS from ChatGPT.

NFT Programming

To program an NFT,  familiarize yourself with the programming language and tools used to develop smart contracts.

All about ERC 998

ERC-998 tokens are “composable,” meaning they allow users to “compose” or “organize assets into complex hierarchies” 

NFT Coding

Planning to learn about NFT and get started with NFT Coding, here are the list of tools and libraries to get started with. Let’s code.